Antonio McCoy

Antonio  McCoy

Antonio McCoy

Certified Business Coach


Antonio McCoy is a strategic marketing advisor who helps struggling small business owners avoid the number reason small business owners fail; lack of sales process. Antonio develops marketing components for business owners to support their sales process. As a strategic marketing advisor, Antonio’s goal is to create a strategic marketing message that resonates with your target customer. He teaches his clients that marketing begins once you begin to speak to the prospect. If what you say does not speak to how you solve your target market’s problem, you are wasting time and money.

A business owner's biggest challenge is creating leads. To generate leads most small business owners focus on the tactical side of marketing. The tactical side of marketing is the medium a small business owner uses to market like radio, TV, networking, and social media. The strategic side of marketing is what you say on the medium. The strategic side is where small business owners often fall short.

Often a small business owner may say a particular medium does not work for their industry. It is not the medium that failed you, it was what you said on the medium...your marketing message. Antonio helps you develop a strategic marketing message that you can use across all of your marketing. This message will compel your prospects to take action and move them to the next step in your sales process. Antonio has helped business owners develop strategic marketing that grabs their target market's attention and generate leads. Marketing’s first job is to get your prospect's attention. Does yours?