Bernard Keavy

Bernard  Keavy

Bernard Keavy

Certified Busines Coach

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  • Location: Warwick, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

I can prove that any business owner can literally double their profit in 90 days and can achieve dramatically more than that over a year.

Depending on where you are at present with your business I follow this systematic approach:

  1. Develop a vision for you and your business – where do you want to get to?
  2. Update or write out your personal goals; short term, medium term, and long term – how will you know you are getting there?
  3. Write out a strategy for your business over the medium and long term – how are you going to get there?
  4. Ensure you manage your diary effectively so as to find the time to implement your strategy
  5. Identify and continually improve your market dominating position – (which is more than just a USP)…..
  6. ….because you identify your ideal client and focus on their “hot button” issues
  7. Make sure you focus ever more greatly on matching your market dominating position to your ideal client’s “hot buttons”
  8. Use over 100 proven strategies and resources to make steady incremental improvements each week in each of 5 key areas – this is called “the 5 step profit formula”
  9. Understand and apply key financial measure for you and your business such as:

I draw on experience gained over 12 years as a senior lecturer in Business Marketing & Finance in Colleges of Higher & Further Education. In addition I spent 18 years in a senior sales & marketing position with a leading investment company.

I am a fully qualified Chartered Financial Planner and use this knowledge to help business owners maximise their rewards from the business once they have increased their profits as already outlined.

I actually train Chartered Financial Planners to pass their qualifying exams in taxation, investment and pensions.

Here’s how we help business coaches get clients:

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