Brenda Crompton

Brenda  Crompton

Brenda Crompton

Certified Business Coach


Do you know the number one cause of failure amongst businesses?

Established companies fail due to an inability to adapt to outside change, whereas startups fail due to lack of management expertise.

We all know change is happening at an increased pace and Brenda’s mission is to equip your business to deal with those changes and thereby increase your bottom line income. Technology and marketing as well as interconnectedness of the world means change happens faster every year. Are you getting all the sales and all the profit that you want? Can you weather the changes? Do you have the expertise to deal with all the aspects  and responsibilities of the business?

Every business today needs to attract new customers while at the same time excel at serving existing customers, all while keeping employees engaged and happy so they stay and do a great job. Cash is the key for business and while juggling all these balls in the air, if the cash runs out that can be the end even if sales are good. If you are not getting all the sales you want, and all the cash in the bank that your business deserves rest assured it is a common problem and it’s not your fault. This is where Brenda’s team focuses today for your business.

Brenda started her first business in residential real estate at 21 and completed a $1M in transactions before she was 30. Her second business in finance and billing systems was started at 23 and then when rapid growth caused her to run out of cash, Brenda started consulting. There, she shared her experiences and has shown companies of all sizes how to add value to what they are doing and to generate massive increases to their bottom line and keep the cash flowing too. At the same time she equips companies to handle changes externally with sales and marketing efforts that allow those businesses to turn their customers into raving fans.

The convergence of marketing, product delivery and user experience, together with online automation are critical for your business. Brenda understands the how to create the strategy and then implement so as to bring all the pieces together to meet your needs and give you the time to work on what is important. 

Brenda is co-author of “Leaking Money: How Your Business Is Losing Money, Opportunities and Customers, and How To Stop It” which is all about the unrelenting pursuit of the best results for your business and ultimately for your customers.

“Leaking Money: How Your Business Is Losing Money,  Opportunities and Customers, and How To Stop It&rdquo

Look inside to find the keys to:

Whether you have an established business or are a start-up, Brenda will help you find success and a positive cash flow, while at the same time ensure you turn customers into loyal fans.

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Ultimately Brenda works with your business to create a plan to validate what you are doing and identify what you can do better – for your customers, your employees, your suppliers, and all the owners & investors in your business.

Call Brenda now at 1-403-451-8024 or 1-888-893-8778 or email to arrange a private 45 minute discussion on how her team can find you a minimum of $10,000 in additional profits in your business right now guaranteed!