Christine Perakis

Christine  Perakis

Christine Perakis

Certified Busines Coach


Business owners and senior executives are often faced with professionals who claim to be advisors, but don’t have the experience to drive real results.

For more than two decades, I have navigated through tumultuous negotiations, boardrooms, and the tempestuous open seas.

As a lawyer, C-Level executive, entrepreneur, 100-Ton Licensed boat captain, business strategies professor, speaker, trainer and bestselling author, I discovered an essential truth that can be applied to both life and business:

Weathering the storm to reach a destination requires the partnership of a talented Captain and an experienced Navigator.

Figuratively and literally, I have weathered the roughest waters and guided my team to safely reach its destination. I’ve been a strategic business partner for some of the world’s most visionary entrepreneurs, turning creative ideas into profitable ventures.

During my career, I have worked in myriad global enterprises, helping entrepreneurs on multiple continents generate substantial growth from startup through expansion, secure millions in financing from multiple sectors, forge powerful business partnerships and implement new revenue streams and product lines. I’ve rolled up my sleeves and sat where you’re sitting now. I know what you’re up against.

My passion is grounded in navigating the way for true success. I chart a course that guarantees you measurable success.

Discover the TEER System in my bestselling book,
The Entrepreneur’s Essential Roadmap â€" Take Your Business from 0 to 7 Figures in Record Time” the 7 TEERs to Small Business Success.

The Entrepreneur's Essential Roadmap â€

Certain challenges translate to all businesses, no matter what the industry, product, or service. For the business owner who has yet to really dive into the tools that are out there, this program will take your business to the next level. For those of you who have “done all of this training before” or just don’t resonate with the “old” ways of doing things, our work together will take you far beyond the status quo!

I invite you to create more profits, ease, and freedom in your life and your business with the support of a professional navigator.

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