Chuck Trautman

Chuck  Trautman

Chuck Trautman

Certified Business Coach


Chuck’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners prosper in the new economy. CEOs and business owners hire Chuck as a second set of eyes and ears because of his “no BS," tell-it-like-it-is style. Sometimes a company’s key people tell owners or CEOs what they want to hear, not what they need to know. Chuck believes that CEOs need to hear the truth without the sugar coating.

After decades of being a successful serial entrepreneur, Chuck discovered he had a knack for using his experience to help other business people and a new career as a consultant was born. He specializes in helping companies achieve operational excellence, find their niche, maximize customer/client value, attract new customers/clients, and increase their profit margins. Chuck is a master marketer, having produced and sold over $547,000,000 ($547 million) and counting of products and services for himself and his clients.

Chuck’s first full time job as an adult was serving 4 years as a US Marine in the Viet Nam war era. His US Marine experience was instrumental in his becoming a successful entrepreneur, leader, and businessman.

Trautman next worked with the Gates Rubber Company, where he rapidly ascended to district sales manager and zone sales manager. His territories were regularly among the leaders in the nation.

He then purchased a small auto parts store in Eugene, Oregon. Within two years, the store rapidly grew from $330,000 a year to over $900,000 in annual sales. Two additional stores were purchased which also enjoyed rapid growth. Profits grew at an even greater rate.

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Six years later, with one investor, Chuck purchased his supplier, an auto parts distribution company, which at the time was selling $12 million a year in auto parts to independent auto parts stores. This business later became the Carquest Auto Parts Distribution Center in Portland, Oregon. Under Chuck’s ownership and direction, he systematized the operations, efficiently distributing over 105,000 SKUs. The company grew from $12 million to over $25 million in annual sales and employed over 125 people.

After selling the Carquest DC, Chuck started a retail golf equipment business from scratch. It grew from one store with 0 sales to 6 stores selling over $10 million annually. He sold this business in 2004 and turned to consulting, helping previous clients and competitors grow their businesses and solve their cash flow issues.

Chuck is the founder of the Arizona Marketing Association, which provides its members the ability to stay abreast of cutting-edge marketing and business strategies and tactics and the opportunity to gather with other entrepreneurs on a regular basis. The author of Business Tips from The Trenches: How to Succeed in Business Without an MBA, he is a frequent speaker on business growth topics.