Gary Harris

Gary  Harris

Gary Harris

Certified Business Coach


Harris Group, Inc.

Our focus is to help small and medium sized businesses be significantly more successful by increasing their revenue and ultimately their profits. We teach business owners how to grow and become profitable when they didn’t think it was possible. We mentor successful businesses to reach the next stage of growth and increased profits.

We work directly with our business owners to implement the proven five step formula:

We coach business owners on how to solve their organizational issues and help them develop strategic methods for reaching their markets.

No matter what the barriers are or what areas need improvements; we employ these same strategic steps:

Through over 40 years of hands-on running and growing businesses we have extended that knowledge with higher education, business and administration degrees, certified coaching programs and uncounted tools and resources at our disposal that are all brought to bear at the right time, on the right problem and in the right order.

Experience – Education – Functional tools and Programs all brought to bear to solve Your concerns to reach Your Goals.

Gary Harris

Double Your Profits In 7 Months Or Less


  1. Over 15 years of working with innumerable business clients and their issues while owning and working in public accounting firms. Specializing in helping business owners grow.
  2. Currently is the owner and senior partner at Harris Lingard CPA:.
  3. Owning and running his own medium sized insurance brokerage business for almost 20 years and
    1. Managing an operation with 5 offices and 50 staff
    2. Buying and selling numerous branch offices
    3. Creating and implementing programs to:
      1. increase sales
      2. manage, coordinate and build successful self managing teams
      3. Write, negotiate and successfully implement sales teams and independent sales staff contracts
      4. Successfully organize and run from the front of the room numerous Sales and Strategic Business sessions with a staff of 50
      5. Eventually negotiate and sell the business for $4 Million.
  4. Became the Executive Vice President of a larger firm with 500 staff and 50 offices.
    1. Perform many of the same functions as above
    2. Report and negotiate with foreign owners around growth, finances, IT and human resource needs.
  5. Over 13 years of Consulting and Coaching experience with the following experiences and results:
    1. Under contract with a financial investor of a troubled business, over a 9 month period
      1. managed necessary staff change
      2. corrected receivable issues
      3. Re-focused the minority owner to allow for increased sales and productivity
      4. Negotiated with suppliers to create stability
      5. Turned the operation around so that it could be sold for over $2.5 Million
    2. Worked with a group of 6 shareholders/partners of a business that were in significant conflict to the point of concern about the business breaking up. Through a series of interventions and group coaching sessions created a stable, cooperative and successfully growing team that is taking the company to new levels of success.
    3. Worked with many single owner proprietors to help them re-focus and find new energy and direction that allowed them to take their businesses to greater success. One notable example is the owner who was then voted Entrepreneur of the Year by her local Chamber group.
    4. Many front of the room Strategic Planning engagements that put companies on the right track.
    5. Several multi-year engagements as an advisor and a quasi external Board that required company owners to create accountability and focus that allowed many of them to double their profits through growth and cost controls.
    6. Author
      1. The author of many articles and how to programs.
      2. Developed a unique coaching program called ‘RING’ to allow teams to be connected and aware of the team and themselves which increased awareness increased productivity.
      3. Author of the book entitled "Double Your Profits in 7 Months or Less Using My Strategic Marketing Secrets"


  1. Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Accountant (CA)
  2. Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics
  3. Organizational Relationship System Certified Coach (ORSCC)
  4. Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  5. Seat –Of-The-Pants self taught with over 40 years of hands on experience