Gerald Wilson

Gerald A. Wilson

Gerald A. Wilson

Certified Business Coach


There are three things you need to do right to make your business grow: know your customers, build the right team, and have a system. If it is that simple, then why are small business owners who want to grow 20% or more finding it so difficult to accomplish? They complain that they are already working too many hours because they cannot find the right people to join their team. They say that 1) their employees don't care about their customers the way the owners do; 2) they must do some jobs themselves because it is easier/safer than telling their employees what to do; and 3) when they have money to do marketing they don't have any time, but when they have time to do marketing they don't have the money. The up and down cycles are driving them crazy.

Every business is different, because every business reflects the unique capabilities and values of the owners/founders. Yet every business suffers similar growing pains. I analyze these pains, analogous to an MD analyzing physical pain and symptoms, but I use a variety of coaching systems and materials to provide a diagnosis of the root causes of the business' pains. Then I use my 25+ years of experience to tailor a plan, one based on the individual diagnosis, to overcome the growing pains and achieve the desired results. This typically results in revenue growth of 2, 5, or even 10 times, as well as customers who are raving fans.

The result can be like the pre-school that went from losing $100,000 a year to a making a small profit in 18 months by doing a combination of improved marketing, improving the staff, and putting good operational structures in place. It might have a result like the independent insurance agency that quadrupled their revenue over a three year period by putting good operational structures in place and clearly defining the roles of the owners/partners.

As a key member of the founding team of five small businesses, I have first-hand experience with the difficulties of finding customers, leading a team, developing systems, analyzing problems, achieving goals, and managing finances. I have experience working in large businesses, government organizations and educational institutions. I even hold a patent on automated error detection. You can benefit from my relentless study of the best business practices, my persistence in searching for the right answers, and my unflagging belief that small business owners are the most important part of our economy today.