Glenis Gassmann

Glenis  Gassmann

Glenis Gassmann

Certified Business Coach


Known as the Implementer, Glenis gets results and her clients feel the effects of that in the form of Increased Cash-flow, Improved Performance and significant freedom and piece of mind to enjoy the business and the profits it's generates year after year.

After an IT degree prior to settling down with a family, Glenis educated herself part time to be an Accountant. Eight years later, as a Chartered Accountant she started her own Accounting Practice and organically grew this business to a profitable going concern providing Small to Medium business owners with business advisory services as well attending to their compliance requirements. Innovative ideas and streamline processes combined with a passion of empowering Business Owners to success, Glenis was recognized by her peers on an international level and local government with "innovation and efficiency awards" and her clients were regular award winners.

As a Chartered Accountant, Glenis understands the financial side of any business and what leavers and dials will make the biggest difference. Combining financial with her creative world-class marketing strategies and unrelenting passion for ensuring each and every Business Owner is accountable and responsible for their success. Glenis creates a new found effectiveness and profits for every business she works with.

Whether you are a private client or in a group of like minded individuals you will feel first hand her drive to ensure you achieve your full potential and the goals you have set for yourself.

Specialising in service based industries from start -up's to large multi divisional businesses her leadership and team building skills give every business owner a leading edge in achieving their goals.

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Glenis's monthly groups are exciting, fun and fast have people booking 4 months in advance to get in. These groups attract sharp, progressive and forward thinking entrepreneurs that want a competitive edge with their marketing. Over 12 months they put in place a minimum of 4 cutting-edge and proven marketing strategies that attract and convert A class clients that explodes business profits.

Glenis has published a highly acclaimed book, written to share her experiences, how to avoid common pitfalls in business and simple strategies that has been proven to build successful businesses FAST

She is a dedicated Mother of two and award winning business owner that makes a difference to every business she mentors and consults with. She teaches only what she has applied herself and is transparent and authentic in all business dealings.

Call her now on +61 1300787658, +61 42594095 or email on to arrange a private 45 minute complementary discussion on how she can find you a minimum of 10K of additional profits in your business right now GUARANTEED .