Glenn Kirkwood

Glenn  Kirkwood

Glenn Kirkwood

Certified Business Coach


Glenn Kirkwood is first and foremost a leader that leaders follow. With an entrepreneurial mindset and purpose for giving, Glenn's approach to life is very refreshing. Having just co­authored his first book.

His background in Sales and Marketing and he has worked in the import/export industries for 18 years before starting his own business. As a leader he is one of the most successful BNI Franchisee in Australia, with his franchise growing from nothing to 480 members in just 5 short years.

Having appeared in over 160 publications including the Boston Globe, New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Telegraph and London Times he has also appeared regularly on radio speaking about Referral Marketing.

Having been involved in sales and marketing for the last 25 years, Glenn also finds time to provide first aid rescue training to new ski patrollers at Thredbo Ski Resort. He is currently one of only 12 National examiners for the Australian Ski Patrol and was awarded the prestigious "Medal of Red Ribbon" by the Japanese embassy for helping save the lives of 22 people that were caught in an avalanche whilst he was on holidays with friends in 2007.

Glenn's specialty is teaching people how to generate more business by referral and is one of only 3 accredited trainers in Australia for The Referral Institute, the world's #1 referral training organisation.

He is married to Penny with two beautiful daughters, Montana and Georgia. His hobbies include snow skiing, mountain biking, keeping fit, travelling and self­improvement.

Glenn brings to every assignment his unmatched enthusiasm and passion for helping others and whilst Glenn has just co­authored his first book, "Ignite your business Mojo" his passion is helping small business owners find and execute the right marketing strategy.