Kathy Harris

Kathy D. Harris

Kathy D. Harris

Certified Business Coach


Harris Group, Inc.

Our focus is to help small and medium sized businesses be significantly more successful by increasing their revenue and ultimately their profits. We teach business owners how to grow and become profitable when they didn’t think it was possible. We mentor successful businesses to reach the next stage of growth and increased profits.

We work directly with our business owners to implement the proven five step formula:

We coach business owners on how to solve their organizational issues and help them develop strategic methods for reaching their markets.

No matter what the barriers are or what areas need improvements; we employ these same strategic steps:

Through over 40 years of hands-on running and growing businesses we have extended that knowledge with higher education, business and administration degrees, certified coaching programs and uncounted tools and resources at our disposal that are all brought to bear at the right time, on the right problem and in the right order.

Experience – Education – Functional tools and Programs all brought to bear to solve Your concerns to reach Your Goals.

Kathy Harris

Confessions of a Strategic Marketing Diva


Leadership – Coaching –Program Management, Staff/Team Development, Community Leadership, Organizational Development

  1. Over 20 years working in the government and not for profit sector.
    1. Lead a province wide task force to develop best practices in the field of early intervention
    2. Developed a soft ware program to measure staff productivity that was adopted across the province and by numerous government agencies providing similar services
    3. Managed regional services with inter-disciplinary staff
    4. Developed systems and process for continuous improvement of programs and service delivery.
    5. Recognized for her ability to manage more difficult staff and move teams to work successfully to achieve organizational goals.
  2. 10 years in direct sales – built and supported team members
  3. 5 years of coaching and consulting
    1. Completes detailed Business Assessments that produce a project plan for businesses – identifying barriers and necessary steps for increased profitability.
    2. Extensive experience in managing trans disciplinary teams and services
    3. Proven ability to lead teams, supervise staff, achieve identified goals and complete strategic plans
    4. Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  4. Author of the book entitled "Confessions of a Strategic Marketing Dive".


  1. B.A.A., ECE
  2. Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (Dip. P.A)