Mark Hackman

Mark  Hackman

Mark Hackman

Certified Business Coach


Mark is a decorated veteran of the US Army Medical Corps, and after careers in the law and corporate America, found his passion as an Entrepreneur, including business and success coaching, professional speaking, inspirational writing, personal development, and direct selling.

As a Business Coach and Consultant, Mark has mentored over 750 business startups, and has been instrumental in training over 100,000 Small Office/Home Office business owners in over 50 countries. He’s designed and presented hundreds of courses, training events, seminars and webinars on all aspects of creating a successful business, from the inception of an idea, to launch, to long-term growth and sustainability. Topics include, among others, ideal customer definition, mission and vision definition, market identification, customer research and acquisition, lead generation, sales processes and marketing plans, branding, online and offline marketing, recognizing trends, competitor research and analysis, hiring and training sales teams, finance, time management, business plans, developing joint ventures and critical partnerships, personal development for success, etc

Mark’s experience in business and direct selling spans several decades and includes success as a Start-Up Business Owner, Distributor, Speaker and Trainer, Author, multiple-times Company Owner and Executive Team Member, and finally as a Coach and Consultant to countless others, where his passion lies in designing cutting-edge marketing plans, sales processes and current training libraries designed to lead companies and their teams to new heights of success previously out of reach to them. Current and recent projects include working with companies of all sizes, from local to regional to global brands across an extremely diverse list of industries and business categories.

In addition to business writing, Mark is an avid creator of inspirational and personal development content, and continues to share his message of personal empowerment and happiness with readers around the world, and has published a collection of over 125 short pieces in six volumes.