Michael Rager

Michael  Rager

Michael Rager

Certified Business Coach


Michael Rager
Assisting Leaders Chart Their Course

Since receiving my Master’s Degree in Aquatic Biology from Central Michigan University I have travelled the U.S. extensively as a corporate and private environmental consultant working on some of the largest natural gas pipelines constructed in the country. This experience allowed me to work closely with corporate executives, federal agencies, project design engineers and field construction staff.

As a corporate consultant for AECOM, The Louis Berger Group and 3D/International, I assisted companies such as Duke Energy, SoCal Edison/Edison Mission Energy, TransCanada Pipeline, Williams Gas Pipeline and Boardwalk Pipeline by ensuring environmental compliance on over 500 miles of Natural Gas Pipeline installation. As an independent contractor I have worked with the Exxon Mobil, Williams Communications, Enbridge, Spectra Energy and Williams Pipelines. I have the pleasure of being a partner in The Wyatt Group, a 10 person consulting company that we sold to the Louis Berger Group in 2000 that brought me to Houston, Texas.

Wanting a change, I began a career shift that has included working with Primerica Financial Services since 2003. This is where I was introduced to John Maxwell and his leadership training. After seeing John present in person twice and listening to his monthly CD’s I knew if I ever had a chance to meet and work with John I would jump at the chance.

In 2011, I continued my career shift and began working in the business and executive coaching arena. I believe that being a John Maxwell certified coach, speaker and trainer allows me to make a major impact to the business world.

In 2014, I founded Corporate Memory Solutions. I understand the need for systems and processes to be in place for individuals and companies to be successful. I believe that our relationship with Mandos Software has allowed us to bring the easiest to use and most comprehensive business mapping tool (Author) to the U.S.

In 2014, I also started Teach Your Business to FISH, the premise behind this was to use my passion for fishing and running business and merging them together. I believe I have a unique way of looking at business and assisting business leaders take their companies to waters they have never seen or imagined.

Since I have started my coaching business I have helped multiple companies transform their businesses from one to two man shows into those hiring multiple people. A few of my clients have achieved their goal of building a company and selling it to ensure their families financial future.