Mike Inchalik

Mike  Inchalik

Mike Inchalik

Certified Business Coach


Are you the owner of a service business with fewer than 100 employees? Is your business struggling to deliver the kind of financial return you need to achieve the life you imagined? Are competitors making growth harder every year, and driving your prices and margins down? Is your business where you had imagined it would be today? As the head of your company, are you finding yourself putting in long exhausting hours, while at the same time feeling trapped because you can’t take a break or delegate much because you are so essential to the operation of your business? If so, Mike Inchalik is the business coach for you, and his company “Bottom Line Coaches” is the place to turn to take your company to the next level.

Whether your service business is in the “trades” (plumbing, HVAC, roofing, renovations, construction….), provides services to consumers or businesses, is in high-tech or low-tech manufacturing, or is in professional services like financial planning, accounting, outsourcing, legal services, dentistry, medicine…. Mike’s “Radical Business Growth™️” System will guide you along the path to hugely improved profitability and significant, life-changing growth. All while providing you more free time, a lower pressure work life, and the ability to step away- whether to take well deserved vacations or when the time is right, to sell your business for a great price- because the business can truly thrive without your day to day involvement. Isn’t that what you deserve? Isn’t that why you started your company in the first place?

Mike Inchalik’s experience is expansive. He has direct, hands on experience as an hourly production operator, a maintenance technician, a production scheduler, a purchasing agent, a manufacturing engineer, a research scientist, an R&D manager, a business development manager, a VP of sales and marketing, a recruiter, a technology futurist, a company president, a chief operating officer, and a chief executive officer. He has bought and sold companies, run franchises, and started his own companies. And of course he has been a consultant and business coach. All this in a 40+ year career where he worked in, consulted with, or coached companies in more than 20 different markets- ranging from heavy construction to high tech semiconductor manufacturing from space exploration to high-end Hollywood moving-making. Clients find Mike’s advice deeply meaningful because he brings such a diverse background- both making his experience relevant in almost any service company, while also insuring a steady stream of those “breakthrough” ideas and methods from other industries that create massive breakthroughs for his clients. And, having worked in so many roles, clients find that he understands not only their businesses, but their backgrounds, their ways of thinking, and the essential roles in their companies.

If Radical Growth sounds like a good thing for your business, click on the button below to schedule your free, no obligation “Business Reboot (TM)” planing session with Mike.

After this 45 minute consultation, you will walk away with the precise plans to add a minimum of $20,000 of additional, annual profit in your business- absolutely guaranteed! What do you have to lose?