Mike Lewis

Mike  Lewis

Mike Lewis

Certified Business Coach


Hi I'm C. Mike Lewis,

Just like all the rest of you. I want to get my message out, impact others and build a brand that will attract my ideal customers and let me be the branded expert in my market.

But before we get into that we need to have a little chat I know all of your sorry excuses for not settling down to take the steps that you know your Business needs because I've used them all, I've even invented some of them.

I know exactly how to start a project and then set it aside when the urgent details of my business take over the day, because it's the perfect reason to postpone actually getting something done.

I face the doubt and fear and procrastination. In other words, I know exactly how you feel and I know that the best thing that I can provide for you is a swift kick in the butt.

The problem is I've tried to win those customers when I'm battling someone that they perceived to be more of an expert than me and I just couldn't get the job done.

Don't miss your chance, it's time to take the bull by the horns and start to create the career that you know you really want.

So set all your excuses aside. Suck it up and decide to take the steps you know you need to become the branded expert in your niche.

We help you Polish, Publish, and Promote Your Ideas and Experience In Your Voice to Position You as the Branded Expert in Your Niche.

I have a practical system that helps people like you that have a message or product the world needs to level the playing field by making you the branded expert in your market.

With over 35 years of experience in marketing, finance, construction and real estate. I previously owned and operated several companies in the southeast, including a $100 million land development company.

Since the downfall of the housing market, I've had to "reinvent" myself.

When starting my new business, I soon found out that I had taken for granted the brand, reputation and expertise that I had obtained in my previous business.

So starting at square one I learned how to make myself the top expert in my niche and get people to know, like and trust me enough to choose me as the person that they wanted to do business with.

Mike's Bookstore Signing

I became the top Ghost Publisher in the world. I also create best seller campaigns, info products and instant expert campaigns. I have made over 270 non-writers into authors of printed books with no writing on their part, using our complete ghost publishing and bestseller service: www.BrandedExpertPublishing.com

To help increase the success of my clients, I have started to offer private coaching on how important it is to be known liked and trusted, and provide our complete proprietary system that ensures our clients become and remain the top branded expert in their niche.

I believe that brand is what you put forward for the world to see.

Reputation is what people say about you when you're not in the room.

Although I have helped business owners in almost every area you can imagine, my practice is becoming more and more focused on speakers and leaders of large tribes, and people that want to become speakers and leaders.

I also do extremely well coaching local realtors on how they can become known as the very best agent in their marketplace.

Because I only want to work with clients that I can get the very best results for I typically require a half hour introductory conversation to determine whether we can work well together and whether I can help you to reach the goals that are important for you. Feel free to contact me directly at Mike@brandedexperts.com.