Mike McMahon

Mike  McMahon

Mike McMahon

Certified Business Coach


Mike McMahon, founder of The Business Growth Plan, LLC is a business growth expert dedicated to helping small business owners dominate their market through competition crushing marketing.

Mike started selling businesses many years ago and as a business broker, he had the opportunity to evaluate over 700 business in depth. He quickly discovered that most of them would never sell and the owner would eventually just close up shop.

Since most of the businesses they worked with were simply unsaleable Mike saw an opportunity. He figured if he could help them get to the point their business could be sold he'd have more businesses to sell and ultimately make more money.

He helped these businesses implement sales and marketing strategies that helped them grow quickly so that they would become saleable which, earned him a reputation as a business growth expert able to turn failing businesses around quickly.

While Mike did sell more businesses as a result of his efforts he was surprised to find out that many of the owners decided not to sell. The real reason most of them wanted to sell in the first place was because their dream had become a burden. They were sick and tired of struggling to get by.

It turns out that now that they knew how to market their business properly and could make a steady and growing profit they could dream again and their business was no longer a burden.

If you're struggling, or your stuck and can't figure out how to grow past a certain point in your business, it's not your fault. You were simply never taught the right way to separate yourself from your competition so you never have to compete on price or how to consistently bring in new clients while getting your existing clients to buy more and more often.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level and you'd like to know how to generate all the leads your business can handle without wasting money on advertising that doesn't work, then Mike and The Business Growth Plan, LLC team are an absolute must for you.