Oliver Sintobin

Oliver  Sintobin

Oliver Sintobin

Certified Business Coach



Born in Izegem, Belgium where he grew up in a bilingual household and went to Flemish and French speaking schools. After he earned a BBA in college he moved to Dallas, TX in 1977 to complete his studies. There he earned an MBA degree in International Management from the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas in 1980.


After having imported "grey market" cars from Europe for a few years, he helped found XL Group in 1984, which is a consulting management company and an export master distributor that helps businesses grow their profitability by fusing marketing and financial management. As a business owner himself, Oliver focuses on business owners to make them truly understand how to influence their company’s profitability through to decisions they do not make. He combines marketing and financial techniques to produce immediate results generating $250,000 and up.

Industries: Life Sciences and Healthcare, Construction, Engineering Services, Windfarms, Distribution and Manufacturing.
Experience: Entrepreneur with hands-on experience in business, marketing and financial management.
Successes: Every newly signed up client is a new project or startup as far as XL Group is concerned and therefore a customized program is established to feature the business strengths in which a minimum of 20% annual growth is expected.
Company Size: Small to medium sized companies.
Languages: Oliver is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Flemish / Dutch.


To apply my strategic experience in business development management to help move a business owner towards increased understanding on how to increase profitability.


Distribution: Returned a $64 million company from 4 annual consecutive losses to 9% profitability the first year.
Healthcare: Added 30% to a $21 million company through business development in one year.
Construction: Returned a $5 million plumber to profitability within 4 months through restructuring.
Manufacturing: Staved off the downwards market effects to keep this oil & gas manufacturing company profitable.
Doctors Practice: Got all partner doctors to involve themselves in the smart profit production instead of "hard work".
Insurance: Created a system for the owner to control the results of his operations generating an extra 12% profit.