Rebecca Licalsi

Rebecca  Licalsi

Rebecca Licalsi

Certified Busines Coach

  • Email:
  • Primary Phone: 915-257-5462
  • Secondary Phone: 817-312-5440
  • Location: Las Cruses, New Mexico, USA

Rebecca Licalsi is a successful certified business/marketing strategist that has a unique take on coaching her clients. She is full of energy and anyone who meets her will agree. She has a unique ability to get people to open up to her (even people she just met). This makes her able to quickly develop a relationship with her clients.

Her coaching career began in 2012, shortly after losing her husband to suicide. Together they owned and operated a district operation for a major insurance company. During her 19 years representing this company she developed her talents of business development and marketing skills through recruiting new talent and developing their businesses.

Her love for helping other succeed has now fostered into expanding Licalsi Business Coaching. Now Rebecca can offer opportunities to people who aspire to become coaches or those who have coaching practices but may struggle due to lack of systems and content.

On the personal side, she is the proud mother of two children, Abigail and Patrick who both reside in Texas. She is a loving daughter to her father that she adores and has been blessed to be a loving relationship and happy again.

When you ask Rebecca what she likes to do for fun, she will quickly tell you “Salt Water Fishing”. In fact, she compares her coaching technique to a good fishing buddy. She says “A good fishing buddy brings the boat and all the tackle, beer, life preserver, …” “Your fishing buddy will provide you with the tools to be successful, and teach you but won’t catch the fish for you.” “Likewise, if you need to vent about your life….your buddy will listen, but may not always agree.” “And if you fall overboard, your buddy will throw you a life preserver, but they won’t jump in with you.”