SJ Pretorius

SJ  Pretorius

SJ Pretorius

Certified Business Coach


As passionate Business Coach, dedicated to the success of his Customers, SJ returned to being and Independent Business Coach in May 2010, after gaining invaluable international experience” and World-Class Training in two years as Managing Director of the South African Country Master Franchise, for an International Business Coaching Franchise. SJ’s consistently improves the a verage monthly sales figures for his clients in the range of 40% to 500% in a short space of time. Successfully coached Sales Teams, Business Owners, Corporate Teams & Entrepreneurs; Also coaching Business Coaches from startup to sustainable success to support his vision of Enabling & Empowering Entrepreneurial Communities in the developing countries in Africa, starting with South Africa.

As Independent International Consultant, for the past 21 years, with 5 years concentrated in the United States, Facilitated, Project Managed and Facilitated Change, for more than 50 companies on 1000s of projects. Has successfully delivered Projects that spanned the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Australia across industry sectors such as Banking, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Aviation, Fixed Line Telecommunications, Wireless Telecommunications, Retail, etc. Now lives in South Africa and while working Locally and from time-to-time Internationally.

Happily married to Mandi. Proud father of four children: Yenna, Hanno, Decklan and Skylar. Loves learning, reads mostly business titles, books on spirituality, while also into some science fiction. Enthusiastic woodworker, loves to make furniture and wooden toys. Has deep seated interest in brain research and the human learning capacity and moreover how to enable all people to study and learn easier. Currently working with the educational sphere as part of his Social Responsibility to incorporate appropriate curriculum changes in Life Skills subjects in public schools. Has personally facilitated study skills at more than 10 Primary Schools.