Steve Messineo

Steve  Messineo

Steve Messineo

Certified Business Coach


Steve Messineo is the owner of multiple successful businesses including two physical therapy clinics, two fitness centers, and his small business coaching service. Steve attributes his success to the numerous mentors and coaches he has worked with through the years to help him implement the right systems and strategies in his businesses which have allowed him to achieve the financial and personal success goals he has for himself and the people he works with.

Steve has a passion for sharing this knowledge with other small business owners in order for them to realize the same success he has had. Steve has worked with business owners in a variety of industries including physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, skin spas, online merchandise sales, internet marketing businesses, and real estate sales to name a few. His clients are positioned to have greater success with Steve than with other business coaches because Steve leverages the power of the E-Learning System, the world’s best online sales and marketing education system for small business owners, with all of his clients.

Steve’s ability to develop strategic business growth action plans, as well as sales and marketing systems that actually work for his clients, have allowed them to achieve greater success in their businesses as well. Here is what his clients have said about him:

"Steve is an extremely talented professional who wants his clients to succeed. He is reliable and on target with the goals of his client. He has made it very easy to break the process of going into business into progressive steps while guiding his clients along each of these processes. He is a very personable individual who believes his client can accomplish anything they want. I highly recommend him to anyone as a business coach."
Tracy Urvater, PT, DPT, OCS
"Hiring Steve as a coach has been a great choice for my business and has helped me tremendously in many areas including, strategic planning, front desk operations, marketing and planning for a new office. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is just starting out or who has been running their own business for a long time, but just needs some assistance and new ideas to help them progress further."
Jonathan Mullis, Owner/President at Mullis and Associates Physical Therapy, Inc. & Body and Brain Fitness